The Center Of The Universe Is Right Between Your Eyes But Home Is Where The Heart Is

Who or what are we really?   If you can quiet the chatter of your “monkey mind” long enough to examine your inner life with […]


n0thing is titled after Jordan (n0thing) Gilbert, a top tier international eSports champion.   n0thing pushes through the boundaries of story, genre, and reality itself […]

Santa Barbara Writers Conference Scrapbook: Thirty Years of Literary Excellence

        In 1983 Santa Barbara Mayor Sheila Lodge issued a proclamation making June 17th – 25th Santa Barbara Writers Conference Week because […]

Night Whispers

If You Find Yourself Fascinated And Terrified By Zombies, Vampires, And Other Denizens Of The Night, You Still May Not Be Prepared For The Horror […]

Phantastic Fiction: A Shamanic Approach to Story

Matthew J. Pallamary’s popular Phantastic Fiction Workshop has been a staple of the Santa Barbara Writers Conference and the Southern California Writer’s Conference for over […]


*Award Winning Finalist in the Thriller/Adventure category of the International Book Awards* Ashley Butler, a prize winning journalist at the San Diego Times receives an […]

Eye of the Predator

Erik Simpson is a brilliant young zoologist who has no memory of his life before the age of sixteen. Trained by his aging foster father, […]


Fueled by breakthroughs in technology and neuroscience, the terminally ill, while in an induced   slumber, in a pain-free, medically supervised environment, can literally dream […]

A Short Walk to the Other Side

“Bravo! More!” from Ray Bradbury for Matthew J. Pallamary’s short stories. A Short Walk to the Other Side is a second short story collection of […]

The Infinity Zone — A Transcendent Approach To Peak Performance

Award-winning author Matthew J Pallamary and sports coach Paul Mayberry Deliver Life-Transforming Book on The Infinity Zone Phenomenon of Mastering Your Energy to Master Your […]

Spirit Matters: A Memoir

Spirit touches us in every moment of our existence; only most of us are caught up in the dramas that we have created in our […]

Land Without Evil

“Water thundered. His eyes stayed closed and his fingers grew numb. His feet ached. Did his hands have the strength to grip again if he […]

The Small Dark Room of the Soul

There can be no light without darkness.   The sun cannot rise without night preceding it, and the setting sun of the day must inevitably […]

The Spirit of the Internet: Speculations on the Evolution of Global Consciousness

Written by Lawrence Hagerty with the non-technical reader in mind, The Spirit of the Internet explains in everyday language how the Internet works, who is […]